‘Boycott Bkash’ Trending on Social Media, But Why? Know Details

Boycott Bkash

The Boycott Bkash hashtag has been widely shared on social media and has become a trending topic in Bangladesh. The trend started yesterday when a large number of people added the hashtag to their Facebook posts.

If you scroll Facebook, you will get thousands of posts where people are talking about bKash. Everyone is talking to Boycott Bkash as early as possible. But what is the reason? Why users are going to Boycott the most popular Mobile Financial Service, Bkash?

In this article, we will share details about the ‘Boycott Bkash’ trend and the latest news updates. If you also want to know about that, so keep reading this article.

Bkash is the most popular Mobile Financial Service (MFS) in Bangladesh subsidiary of BRAC Bank PLC. If someone wants to send money, Bkash will be their first choice. A large number of Bangladeshi people have been using this Mobile Financial Service for 13 years.

Boycott Bkash

As per the report, a total of 16 online events have been created on Facebook in the name of Boycott Bkash. A Facebook user named Faiyaz Ef Ti created an event that got a huge response within a few hours. Till now, about 35 thousand people responded to the event and showed their interest.

Facebook users are saying “BRAC’s role in spreading interest to remote areas of Bangladesh is undeniable. We also know the role of BRAC University in promoting transgender etc. So avoid these,” in that event. A vast amount of users wrote #BoycottBracBank and #BoycottBracUniversity along with Boycott Bkash.

Boycott Bkash News
Image: Screenshot from Event

Bkash is a subsidiary of “Brac Bank” (Brac University). If BRAC University doesn’t reverse its “Transgender” decision, I will stop using Bkash from today Insha Allah. Let’s all boycott Bkash.” a user wrote in his post on the Facebook event.

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Meanwhile, a huge number of people uninstalled the Bkash App and shared the screenshots on their posts. All of are ask everyone to uninstall the app from Phone and stop using their service.

Boycott Bkash App
Bkash App Uninstalling Screenshot

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