BUET Admission 2024: Admission Test Date to be announced tomorrow

BUET Admission 2024

The Exam Date for BUET Admission 2024 is to be announced tomorrow (Tuesday, December 26). The Bangladesh University of Engineering (BUET) has called a meeting to conduct the Admission test for the academic year 2023-24.

The information has been confirmed by Professor Dr. Jeevan Poddar, President of the organizing committee. He told to Epi Express on Monday night.

He said that the BUET Admission Test date has been decided initially. The exam is to be conducted on March 2. But, the date is not final yet. To finalize the date, we have a meeting on Tuesday (December 26). The final decision will be taken in that meeting.

Professor Jeevan Poddar also said that many universities have the Admission Exam in March. We want to fix the BUET Admission Test Date in a unique way so that the schedule does not conflict with the other university admission tests. Therefore the final decision will be taken after checking the schedule of other admission exams including the Medical Admission 2024 Date.

Meanwhile, BUET sources said to Epi Express that, the Admission Exam will be conducted in the same way as the last year’s exam. So, there will be no major difference in the exam.

Generally, the BUET admission test is taken in two steps. In the first step, the Primary Selection test will be taken in the MCQ System. There will be 100 Marks in the MCQ Exam. The candidates who pass the exam, they will have to participate in the written exam at the BUET Campus.

Like the past year, there will be a cut-mark system for wrong answers this year. According to the rules, 0.25 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer from the obtained marks. For example, if a candidate answered 70 questions, of these 8 are wrong answers. So, 2 marks (0.25*8) will be cut from the obtained marks. So, the candidates will get 60 marks on the exam.

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