ChatGPT iOS & Android App Released from OpenAI

ChatGPT iOS App Released

ChatGPT App: OpenAI’s new variant of ChatBot GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer), the most powerful language model was officially released on November 30, 2022. It is also called GPT-3 as the AI is the 3rd Edition which was launched globally. The AI got a huge response and reached millions of users within 3 days of its release.

Chat GPT App Released

Nowadays, we have a lot of AI writers available on the internet. AI Tools can write unique content, generate ideas, and more. Recently, several ChatBot was released, most of which are paid. But, an artificial intelligence research laboratory OpenAI launched a New ChatBot called Chat GPT.

The Company released the Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3), a powerful AI-based chatbot that can do natural language conversations with humans. It was officially released on November 30, 2022. Now, we have access to the advanced chatbot Chat GPT that can help us in our daily work.

OpenAI’s Chat GPT App for Android, iPhone

Now, billions of users around the world are using advanced AI Technology like Chat GPT-3 and GPT-4 a large language model trained by Open AI. Today, it is possible only through the development of various technologies like machine learning and deep learning. The chatbot is trained based on vast amounts of data using deep learning algorithms.

The Chat GPT model has the ability to learn how to understand natural language. For this, it is to analyze the patterns and relationships between words and phrases. As the chatbot launched with a lot of features, millions of users registered within a few days.

As per the report, OpenAI’s server was down for a few hours. Users are unable to use the Chat Bot. Later, the issue was fixed, and till now users can use Chat GPT App on Android, iPhone, and PC.

ChatGPT App: Overview

In the beginning, users from all countries are using OpenAI’s ChatBot for free. Once the server was down for a few hours for the millions of users, the company increased the server limit. During this time, almost all the users are unable to log in to the Chat GPT App to use the Chat Bot.

Open AI succeeds to solve the problem very shortly. Later, the Company announced Pro Plan called “ChatGPT Plus” for $20/Month. But, the free plan is still available for everyone. Currently, a lot of users from the USA, UK, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and other countries are looking for an official app to use on Android and iPhone.

In order to use the Chat GPT App, users will need to know detailed information. We have shared the key points in the following table;

Category of the ArticleTech News
Name of the AppChatGPT
Release DateNovember 30, 2022
Provided byOpen AI
Version NameGPT-3 and GPT-4
Latest Version Release DateMarch 14, 2023
PriceFree and Pro Plan
Available forAndroid, iPhone and PC
Number of Users1 Billion+
Daily Total Users25 Million+
January 2023 Visits670 Million+
February 2023 Visits1.1 Billion+
March 2023 VisitsTBA

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Chat GPT iOS App

According to the above table, OpenAI’s chatbot now gets 1.1 Billion+ users every month. About 670 million users used the GPT-3 on January 2023. On the other hand, the total number of users increased in the next month. Around 1.2 Billion visits have been counted on the official website. The authority will announce the last month’s user details in the coming week.

As ChatGPT receives millions to billions of users each month, users are looking for the Chat GPT App. A user wrote in a Facebook Post;

“If the app is available for Android, I can use this easily by installing it on my phone. But, I have to log in manually on to use it.”

Another user created a thread on Twitter;

“OpenAI should release Chat GPT App for Android and iOS. Log in to the website and using, is not user-friendly like the App.”

Thousand of users also retweet the post and also want to download and install the app.

Meanwhile, the users who are satisfied with this AI Tool are searching daily to get the official app. Currently, there are several apps available on the Google Play Store. But, OpenAI has not published its official app yet. Probably, they will announce the matter soon.

Get ChatGPT App for Android

As we know, Google Play is the official and secure platform for downloading and installing Android Apps. It is sure that there are several apps named Chat GPT App available on the Play Store. In fact, some of them are working smoothly. As per their description, users can install these apps to use ChatGPT on their phones.

Basically, the GPT App available on Google Play are alternative to the original one. Probably, they are using the API from OpenAI to provide the Chatbot on the app. But, users must be aware that, most of them are fake. Only very few apps are run using the API Key, that can be installed on the phone.

Alternative iOS App for iPhone

Besides Android, the Chat GPT App alternative is also available for iPhone. Users will need to check one by one to find out if the app is working well like the official website.

Before installation, users will need to read the permission and privacy settings. On the other hand, if the app got positive reviews from users, it will be safe to use.


When will release Chat GPT App?

Currently, the official app has not been released by OpenAI. It will be released soon for Android and iPhone. During this time, alternative apps can be used for the same purpose.

Is the App are using GPT API?

Yes. Unofficial apps or websites are using OpenAI’s API to integrate the chatbot.

Is it safe to use Alternative App?

If the users download and install the Chat GPT App alternative from Google Play, so there will be no security issue. It will be safe for using. But, users will need to read the privacy and security permission.

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