Ekadashi Calendar 2025: Ekadoshi Tithi and Parna Timings

Ekadashi Calendar 2025

Ekadashi Calendar 2025: Ekadashi Tithi is the most favorite Thithi of Lord Vishnu. Devotees keep fast on the day to seek his blessings and prosperity. The next day they break the fast by doing Parana/Parna according to the time mentioned in the Chart.

Those who keep fast on Ekadashi, all know very well that the Tithi is the important part of fasting. There are two Ekadashi Charts available for India, Bangladesh, and all over the world; ISKCON and Vaishnaba. However, there is a very simple difference between these charts.

Ekadashi Calendar 2025

According to the Hindu Scriptures, there are two Ekadashi every month in the Hindu Calendar—one on Shukla Paksha and another on Krishna Paksha. Devotees who never want to miss a single Ekadashi in 2025, must collect or print out the the Ekadashi Calendar 2025 to keep and break the fast at the right time.

According to the Drikpanchang Chart, the first Ekadashi of the year named Pausha Putrada Ekadashi will be observed on Shukla Paksha Tithi on January 10, 2025. The Tithi will begin on January 09, at 12:52 PM and continue till January 10, 2025, at 10:49 AM. Devotees must break the fast on January 10 by doing Parna from 06:43 AM to 08:51 AM.

January Tithi Timings

Ekadashi TypeName of the EkadashiDateParna Time
Shukla PakshaPausha Putrada EkadashiJanuary 10, 202506:43 AM to 08:51 AM
Krishna PakshaShattila EkadashiJanuary 25, 202506:41 AM to 08:53 AM

February Tithi Timings

NameDateParon Time (Next Day)
Jaya EkadashiFebruary 8, 202506:35 AM to 08:50 AM
Vijaya EkadashiFebruary 24, 202506:24 AM to 08:43 AM

March Tithi

NameDateParna Time (Next Day)
Amalaki EkadashiMarch 10, 202506:11 AM to 08:34 AM
Papmochani EkadashiMarch 25, 202501:18 PM to 03:45 PM
Vaishnava Papmochani EkadashiMarch 26, 202505:55 AM to 08:23 AM

April Ekadashi Chart 2025

Kamada EkadashiApril 8, 202505:43 AM to 08:14 AM
Varuthini EkadashiApril 24, 202505:29 AM to 08:04 AM

May to December 2025 Ekadashi Timings

Name of the EkadashiDateParna Time
Mohini EkadashiMay 8, 202505:19 AM to 07:58 AM
Apara EkadashiMay 23, 202505:13 AM to 07:54 AM
Nirjala EkadashiJune 7, 202505:11 AM to 07:47 AM
Yogini EkadashiJune 21, 202501:22 PM to 04:05 PM
Vaishnava Yogini EkadashiJune 22, 202505:13 AM to 07:56 AM
Devshayani EkadashiJuly 6, 202505:17 AM to 08:00 AM
Kamika EkadashiJuly 21, 202505:24 AM to 07:35 AM
Shravana Putrada EkadashiAugust 5, 202505:30 AM to 08:08 AM
Aja EkadashiAugust 19, 202505:36 AM to 08:10 AM
Parsva EkadashiSeptember 3, 202501:12 PM to 03:43 PM
Vaishnava Parsva EkadashiSeptember 4, 202505:41 AM to 08:12 AM
Indira EkadashiSeptember 17, 202506:05 AM to 08:12 AM
Papankusha EkadashiOctober 3, 202505:51 AM to 08:13 AM
Devutthana EkadashiNovember 1, 202501:25 PM to 03:04 PM
Vaishnava Devutthana EkadashiNovember 2, 202506:05 AM to 08:20 AM
Utpanna EkadashiNovember 15, 202512:49 PM to 03:01 PM
Mokshada EkadashiDecember 1, 202506:25 AM to 08:34 AM
Saphala EkadashiDecember 15, 202506:34 AM to 08:42 AM
Pausha Putrada EkadashiDecember 30, 202501:06 PM to 03:14 PM
Vaishnava Pausha Putrada EkadashiDecember 31, 202506:41 AM to 08:49 AM

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