Facebook Again Down Today: Messenger showing not active, no cover photo, no search results

Facebook Messenger Active Status, Cover Photo, Search Result problem today March 20

After the Automatic Facebook Account Log Out problem on Facebook App and Messenger, million of users are getting new problem on the platform today. The Messenger not showing active status, no cover photo on Page or Profile and No search results on the Search Page.

As per the report, the Facebook Down issue has seen on Wednesday (March 20) after 9 PM. Total three issues has been found on Meta’s platform. A large number of users has faced the problem today on Facebook App and Messenger.

The Messenger app is not showing the active status even the users are active on the platform. On the other hand, some of the users noticed that, there is no Cover Photo on Page and Profiles.

Meanwhile, the Facebook search feature also not worked from the same time. There is no search results were found on the search Page.

A user wrote “Tomar Name er Pashe Sobuj Batti R toh Jole Nah”. It is a most popular Bengali song that was most popular for a few months. The Facebook user said that, the green active status is not showing on her girlfriend’s profile using the line of the popular song.

“My college friend tell me to send him a friend request on Facebook. That’s why he told me the profile name. But, when I type his name on Facebook Search and tap on the search button, literally I got a black page. I didn’t get anything on the search result page. I thought it was a bug on my phone. Then I search again on another phone using another ID. But the page was same,” said an users on the platform.

Earlier, Facebook Login problem was found on March 5 which is first time of this year. Users exprericed the session expired, automatic log out issue on that day. As per the report, the 90% of Facebook user from all over the world are unable to use the platform for 50 minutes.

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