Facebook Lite Down Today: The App not working properly

Facebook Lite Down Today April 17

Facebook Lite, the most popular app of the social media platform Facebook not working properly today since 6:07 PM. Provably, Facebook Lite is down and users are getting errors or server-related issues while opening the app.

As per the report, some users have experienced the Facebook Lite App down on Wednesday (April 17, 2024). The incident took place at around 6:07 PM (Bangladesh Time).

While writing this news, the app still not working. Once you open the app from Android, it shows a Blank Page.

Earlier, Facebook was down for around 50 minutes on March 5, 2024. On the day, a large number of users experienced the Facebook automatic log-out issue. A message “Session Expired, Please Log in Again” appeared on the phone, and the platform showed the wrong password even providing the correct password.

Meanwhile, the platform was down again after 15 days of the previous incident on March 20, 2024. Thousands of users noticed at least three issues on the day. The Messenger app does not show the active status even if the users are active on the platform. Some of the users noticed that there is no Cover Photo on the Page and Profiles. On the other hand, the Facebook search feature also does not provide the search result, and shows the blank page.

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