FIFA has changed Facebook Profile Picture, fans start #BoycottFIFA trends

FIFA has changed Facebook Profile Picture Boycott Fifa Trends

International Federation of Association Football, FIFA has recently changed the profile picture of their Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) accounts. Fans from Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan start #BoycottFIFA trends on social media.

As per the report, FIFA changed the Facebook profile picture yesterday, Tuesday (June 4). The profile picture contains 6 colors. The controversy has begun for these colors. Till now, more than 67 thousand people have given an “Angry” reaction to the post.

In addition, 24 thousand people used the “Ha Ha” reaction on FIFA’s new profile picture. However, about 24 thousand people used the “Love” reaction and 23 thousand have shared this post.

Basically, the controversy started after changing the profile picture to 6 6-color images which is considered LGBTQ+. As a result, a vast amount of fans from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India showed their angry reaction to this incident. Some of them already started #BoyCottFIFA trends on the platform.

A user wrote;

FIFA, however, is the world governing body for football. But FIFA controls the Western world ie Europe. Homosexuality is a legitimate human rights issue for Europe. This is the conflict between the West and Islam. What is illegal in Islam is legal to the West. They wants to swallow the whole world even if that illegality is enforced.

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