Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher, Know how you can get daily rewards

Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher

Hamster Kombat has introduced a new reward system, Daily Cipher. Players will get 1,000,000 coins every 24 hours on the Game, similar to the Combo Card.

So, now there is another opportunity opened for players along with the Combo Card Rewards. The daily Cipher will help you to add huge rewards to your account every 24 hours. To do this, all you need to do is find out the Morse Code.

What is the Daily Cipher on Hamster Kombat?

As you all know, Hamster Kombat announced the Combo Card as a reward on May 23, 2024. After launching this feature, daily and new registered players increased day by day. This is the simple task that users need to open up 3 cards from the menu mentioned in the Game.

Meanwhile, the authority introduced Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher on Wednesday (June 5) which is likely similar to the previous one, Combo Card. The announcement can be found on the official Telegram Channel. “Mr. Hamster has prepared a new lesson with Morse Code where you can find a secret code of the day and receive 1,000,000 coins,” said in the announcement.

From now ccon, players will be eligible to earn 1,000,000 coins after accessing the Cipher by applying the Morse Code. As such, anyone can earn a total of 6,000,000 coins as daily rewards. Of these, 1 Million on Cipher and 5 million on daily combo cards.

Those who want to earn extra coins every day with very simple tasks, they can apply both Daily Combo and Daily Cipher. This will also help to upgrade the account to the next level.

17th June + 18 June

  • Word: COIN
  • Code: —•—• ——— •• —•

16 June + 17 June 2024

  • Word: TOKEN
  • Code:   —   ———   —•—   •   —• 

15 June + 16 June 2024

  • Word:NFT
  • Code: —• ••—• —

14th June + 15 June 2024

  • DEFI: —•• • ••—• ••

14th June Morse Code (13 June for Nigeria and Similar Time Zone Country)

  • Word: GAMEFI
  • Morse Code:   ——•   •—   ——   •   ••—•   ••

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Code for 11th June 2024

  • Word: AIRDROP
  • Code: •— •• •—• —•• •—• ——— •——•

Note, the above Morse Code is applicable for Nigeria, Iran, and more countries for 10th June.

11th June Nigeria and Similar Time Zone Countries:

  • Word: HAMSTER
  • Code: •••• •— —— ••• — • •—•

Code for 12th June 2024

  • Word: HAMSTER
  • Code: •••• •— —— ••• — • •—•

13 June 2024 (Nigeria and Similar Time Zone Country 12 June 2024)

  • Word: SATOSHI
  • Code:   •••   •—   —   ———   •••   ••••   ••

10th June:

  • Word: WEB3
  • Code:•——   •   —•••   •••——

9th June for Nigeria and Similar Time Zone Countries:

  • Word: WEB3
  • Code:•——   •   —•••   •••——

9th June For Other Countries

  • Word: WALLET
  • Code: •—— •— •—•• •—•• • —

6th June Cipher Morse Code: ETHEREUM: • — •••• • •—• • ••— — —

1 Million Coins on Cipher: How to get it?

According to the announcement, the Hamster Daily Cipher will be open every day at 7 pm UTC. Interested players must use the code within 24 hours to get the rewards before a new one appears. Once the Morse code is applied correctly, users will get 1 Million coins as a reward.

But the question is, how can you do that? Well, the rule has been described by Hamster Kombat through an official YouTube video. As per them, the first code was “BTC” which can be found in the video. In addition, how a player can write the code is also mentioned in the video.

The very first Morse code of the Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher for 5th June 2024 was “BTC”. Everyone can easily type the code on the box using the following method;

  • For B: Long hold and three quick taps.
  • For T: Long hold.
  • For C: Simple hold, Quick Tap, Simple hold, and Quick tap.

Once you long hold on the window, it will show you a dash (-). For the quick taps, the dot will be displayed on the screen. Players will get a “Congratulation” message after completing the task. Eventually, 1 Million Coins will be added instantly after tapping on the “Take the prize” button.

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    1. You must type the code as similar as mentioned in the post. For example, if there is double dot, you need to type the dots instantly. And if there is double dash, type them without any breaks.

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