Have Khalid Al Ameri and Salama Divorced? Or Rumor?

Have Khalid Al Ameri and Salama Mohamed Divorce

UAE Content Creator Khalid Al Ameri and her wife Salama Mohamed are the most popular faces on social media. They got a huge positive response with love from millions of fans from all over the world.

Netizens started taking this UAE content creator couple as an example and inspiration of what a healthy, beautiful marriage looks like. But, suddenly they are not appearing on any videos. This topic is widely shared on social media, especially on Facebook and Twitter. A lot of fans are talking about Khalid and Salama divorce news. Is it real? or they are separated?

As you know, a few months ago another popular content creator of Nas Daily broke up their six-year relationship. They were the inspiration of millions of fans. Now, the Khalid Al Ameri-Salama Mohamed couple is separating? The topic came up on the frontline after a recent interview of Salama Mohamed went viral.

Around three weeks ago, a fan posted regarding Khalid Al Ameri and Salama Mohamed’s current status. He wrote “Anyone knows what’s going on between Khalid Ameri and Salama? I used to follow them for their family content. They look so cute together. Now, they are not making videos together or interacting with each other’s posts on Instagram”.

A user named “MistressOfManaeesh” replied that they were my neighbors. They divorced ages ago. Till now, 325 people have upvoted the comment. Many users have shared their heartbreaking reactions below of the comment. However, the user who replied is now not found on the platform. The platform is showing “This account has been suspended”.

Meanwhile, Salama Mohamed gave an interview to a content creator. She said “Look, I can’t change people, but I can change people. The interviewer asked her “How”? Remove them, replace them. My energy, I have to protect it, she replied.

Actually, the controversy regarding Khalid Al Ameri divorce begins after the interview of Salama Mohamed. Many YouTubers have created videos in this regard, and claim that they got divorced. Then, the topic was widely shared on social media. But, many people cannot accept this.

Till now, there are no official statements from the couple about whether they divorced, separated, or something else.

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