Heatwave: Chuadanga Hits Season’s Highest Temperature at 43°C

Heatwave: Chuadanga Hits Season's Highest Temperature at 43°C on 29 April 2024

The highest temperature of Bangladesh this year has breaks previous days record in Chuadanga District. The district has hits the Highest Temperature at 43°C on Monday (April 29) that is highest compared to others dricts across the country.

As per the Accuweather report, today the heatwave has breaks the previous record in the Chuadanga Distict of Bangladesh. The weather forecasting service showing the Temperature in Chuadanga Distict reached 43°C that feels 46°C.

Today (April 29) the air humidity is 13%. The concerned authorities have issued a “heat alert” in this district along with all districts of the country to warn and make the public aware of the heat wave.

Yesterday (Sunday), the highest temperature was 41.3°C where the Air humidity was 17%, report Dhakatribune.

Meanwhile, Primary Schools, High Schools and Colleges reopend on April 27 after 7 day shut due to the heatwave. The Educational institutes are supposed to reopen on April 21 after the Ramadan and Eid Ul Fitr Holiday. But Bangladesh Govt has announced to shut Primary Schools to Colleges for 7 days till April 27.

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