High School Holiday List 2024 Published Bangladesh Education Board

High School Holiday List 2024

Update on March 25, 2024: The High School Holiday has changed for Ramadan. The institutes will shut from March 26 to April 18, 2024.

Original Article: The High School Holiday List 2024 has been published today, December 13, 2023, for Govt and Non-Govt Institutes of the country. The Ministry of Education Board has confirmed that there will be 71 holidays in 2024 including government and reserved holidays.

The information was officially declared through a press release published on Wednesday (December 13, 2023). The Govt Holiday Calendar 2024 was issued by the Ministry of Education of the Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board. The notice was signed by the Deputy Secretary (Government College-4), Mst Rokeya Parveen by order of the President.

As per the notice, there are a total of 71 days of holidays including government and reserved holidays in the coming year, 2024. As a result, Educational Institutes of the country (Govt or Non-Govt) will be closed for 71 days. The first holiday is set for Tuesday, February 14, 2024, for Sree Sree Saraswati Puja.

After that, Educational Institutes will be closed on February 21 for one day for International Mother Language Day. In addition, another holiday will be counted for Magh Purnima on February 23, 2024.

Moreover, there are 30 days-long holidays for various Government Holidays including the Holy Month of Ramadan, the Eid UL Fitr Celebration, and Summer Vacation. On the other hand, Easter Sunday, Independence Day, and National Children’s Day are listed in the High School Holiday List 2024.

The 30-day long holidays will start from March 10. It will continue till April 18, 2024. After that, institutes must open and start the Educational activities. Then, the 7 days long holidays will start for Eid-ul-Adha and 7 days for the Durga Puja and Fateha-e-Yazdaham.

In addition, there are 11 days off at the end of the year, from December 17 to December 31, 2024, for the occasion of winter and Christmas. Besides, classes for Schools, Colleges, and Universities are directed to close for the National Important Dates on February 21, March 17, March 26, August 15, and December 16.

For details, anyone can get the official notice from the Ministry of Education Board’s Website.

High School Holiday List 2024 Published on December 13, 2023.
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