How to check SSC Result 2024 By SMS

SSC Result 2024 By SMS

SSC and Equivalent Results under Secondary Board Bangladesh has published today at 11 AM. Students all over the country can get SSC Result 2024 By SMS within a few minutes after sending a Message to 16222. Now, students can use any SIM Card including GP, Robi, Teletalk, and Banglalink.

According to the press conference held today, the Ministry of Education Board has published the SSC and Equivalent Exams Result today, Sunday (May 12) at 11:30 AM. It is said that almost 10 Lakh students successfully passed from 11 Education Board across the country where a total of 12 Lakh Students appeared on the Exam held on February 15, 2024.

SSC Result 2024 Published officially

Now, the SSC and Equivalent Exam under the Bangladesh Secondary and Higher Secondary Board is conducted for the Science, Humanities, and Commerce Groups. This year, this examination was started on February 15, from Bangla 1st Paper Exam. A total of 20,24,951 candidates take part in the Exam till December 13, 2022.

The officials of the Inter-Education Board confirmed that, Of these, 9 Lakh 44 Thousand and 499 candidates from General and 1 Lakh 20 Thousand 378 Candidates from Madrasah and Technical Education Board attended the Exam. The exam was conducted in 2639 centers across the country.

SSC Result 2024 By SMS

The Ministry of Education Board has published the results today (May 12) for All Education Boards. Now, students can view their results directly through the official website. Currently, the SSC Result 2024 Link is live and working well. So, they will be required to provide their Roll and Registration Number to view or download the result.

Apart from this, examinees can check SSC Result 2024 By SMS. For this, a message needs to be sent on 16222 through any SIM including Robi, GP, Airtel, or Teletalk. The Mobile SMS System is officially implemented by Bangladesh Govt Owned Company “Teletalk”. Therefore, if anyone sends a message using Teletalk SIM, it will provide the result within a short time than other SIMs.

SMS Format

Those students who want to check SSC Result 2024 online through the official website, will need to know that, there will be server-related issues on the website. The Web Server can be down or not responding while checking the result. It has been happening for the last 5 years. As more than 20 Lakh Examinees appeared on the SSC and Equivalent Exam, probably everyone is trying to view their results.

Due to the huge number of requests at the same time, the web server could down anytime. Then, candidates need to apply the Mobile SMS Method. It is 100% sure that, the SSC Result can be checked by Mobile SMS within a few seconds.

Interested candidates need to send a message by following the instructions given below;

  • First of all, Go to the Mobile SMS Option or Open the SMS App from your Phone.
  • Write SSC and First Three Letters of Education Board.
  • Leave a Space and Write the Roll Number and Exam Year.
  • Lastly, send the SMS on 16222.

Full Example Listed Below;

  • SSC DHA 115411 2024

SMS Format for All Board

In the above topic, we have shared Dhaka Board’s SMS Method to Check the SSC Exam Result. If the students appeared on the exam from another Board like Mymensingh Board, so what will be the Keyword? For the convenience of the students from All Education Boards across the country, we have shared All Board SMS Keywords.

Note that, students will send the SMS on Teletalk Portal at 16222. It will charge 2.50 Taka or more as per the rules of the Mobile Operator Company. Hopefully, SSC Result 2024 can be found within 1-3 minutes through the reply SMS.

Education Board NameSMS Code with Number
Dhaka BoardSSC <Space> DHA <Space> Roll Number <Space> Exam Year
Dinajpur BoardSSC <Space> DIN <Space> Roll Number <Space>Exam Year
BarisalSSC <Space> BAR <Space> Roll Number <Space>Exam Year
SylhetSSC <Space> SYL <Space> Roll Number <Space>Exam Year
ChittagongSSC <Space> CHI <Space> Roll Number <Space>Exam Year
MymensinghSSC <Space> MYM <Space> Roll Number <Space>Exam Year
RajshahiSSC <Space> RAJ <Space> Roll Number <Space>Exam Year
ComillaSSC <Space> COM <Space> Roll Number <Space>Exam Year
JessoreSSC <Space> JES <Space> Roll Number <Space>Exam Year
MadrasahSSC <Space> MAD <Space> Roll Number <Space>Exam Year
Technical BoardSSC <Space> TEC <Space> Roll Number <Space>Exam Year

Only Point will Show via SMS System

As the Online Mode shows GPA and Subject Wise Marks, students are highly interested in getting their results from there. Besides this, it will show MCQ and CQ Marks separately which will help the students who are thinking of submitting a Board Challenge Application.

With the SMS System, the result can be checked fast without delay. But, it will show GPA, and Subject Codes only. Once the message is successfully sent to the official number, it will show the Student’s Name, Obtained GPA, and Subject Code with Grade.

Candidates will get the reply SMS like the following message:

(Student Name Here); SSC BOARD: RAJSHAHI; ROLL: 4525414; RESULT: PASSED; GPA: 5.00; LTRGD: 101:A+,107:A+,109:A+,150:+ ,112:B ,136:A+,137:A+,138:A+ ,154:A+ ,134:A+.

Online Vs SMS, Which is Best for You?

If you are an examinee of the SSC 2022 Exam, you can check your exam result today, even right now. The Ministry of Education Board and the Minister officially published the SSC Result 2024 today at 11:30 AM. Now, candidates can start collecting their GPA, Marksheet Online at the Portal.

The candidates who are going to Check the Result, need to know which method is best for them. If you are also one of them, so read the explanation below;

Online ModeSMS System
Results can be checked Online at the official website.Need to Send an SMS to 16222.
Mobile Data or Internet Package RequiredSMS Charge 2.50 Taka Required.
It will take 30 seconds to 1 Minute.It will take 1 Minute to 3 Minutes.
The Web Server can be down for a Long Time.The SMS System will work without downtime.
Students Need to Provide Roll and Registration Numbers.You only need the Board Name and Roll Number.
Full Institutes Result Can Be Checked.A single result can be checked for each SMS.
GPA with the Number can be found easily.It will provide GPA Only.
Marksheet with Number Available Online.Subject Code Wise Grade Available.
Will not work without an Internet Connection.Will Work with Limited Network Connection.


May I Check the Madrasa Board SSC Result By SMS?

Answer: Madrasah Board Exam Result can be checked easily by SMS. Students need to Send SSC <Space> MAD <Space> Roll Number, send it on 16222.

How Can I Check the Result via Robi SIM?

Answer: Any Bangladeshi SIM including Robi, GP, Teletalk, and Banglalink.

When I will get my result on SMS?

Answer: Generally, the Mobile SMS Method takes 1 to 5 Minutes to Deliver the Result.

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