How to Write a Comparison Essay



“Compare and Contrast Essay” Are you familiar with this types of an essay?

You probably might have come through these kinds of essays already as they are quite common for any academic stage of schooling. They aim at getting information about a given view and establishing a differentiating perspective on it. It is, however, important to determine what is required by the lecturer, while some will require you to write only about the differences, others will expect you to describe the similarities too. There for it is important to learn how to write a comparison essay step by step. 

What essentials are of compare and contrast essay?

•    A comparison essay highlights differences and similarities.

•    A contrast essay highlights just the differences.

•    Our thesis has to tell us about the subject.

With the stated points above, be keen to select topics that will enable you to look at the different angles of presenting them.

How to Standardise your Ideas

Regularizing ideas involves looking at your problem and being able to form the various standpoints of your topic.

Using a Venn diagram where the items in the middle form similarities while the items outside will form what is different.

Also, you may have a table wherein one side you note down the similarities and the other side right down your differences. 

Formulating your main points.  After obtaining contrasts and comparisons. Afterwards, you are expected to filter out more important issues by selecting points that are more compelling, relevant and valuable. So choose the most significant details.

Standardising your points. After writing down your points, scrutinise them and select the ones you consider more interesting, weightier and useful. For example when comparing Lions and Hyenas in the park. We understand that both are predators, but also one is a hunter while the other is a scavenger.

Essay Structure    

The method of presenting your compare and contrast essay, substantially determines how your final draft comes out. You may organise your essay in the following methods:

•    Subject by Subject. This format takes a method where you exhaust information about the first item and later proceed to write the points on the second item. It ensures that you effortlessly present your ideas without having to go back to them, although in this form your essay can be perceived as a list of points about the topic.

•    Point to Point. In this format of presentation, you shift your attention within the points at the same time. 

Outline your essay properly by developing a plan or draft for your essay.

 Introduction. This paragraph introduces the information about subjects in the essay that you intend to compare and contrast.

Body paragraphs. It forms the main part of in detailing your thoughts about topics and giving evidence. Analyse evidence and arguments and relate all the proofs to your opinion.

Conclusion. It gives a summary of your essay and your views.

Writing a Good Comparative and Contrast Essay; Relevant Tips

Writing this types of essays requires in-depth analysis of a topic you need to understand and elaborate on both sides of the coin. Below are some tips to use to help come up with that particular perfect essay.

•    Explain the reason for contrasting and comparison of the topic. Justify your points on why it is valid for the comparison.

•    Involve your audience in your discussion. Instead of using “I” try to adopt “we” it makes your readers feel part of the conversation.

•    Avoid taking sides in explanation of your thoughts. Do not be biased on the topic.

•    Proofread and edit your essay to remove the errors in grammar, structure and punctuation.

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