Microsoft Windows 12 Brand Ambassador is “Dolly Chaiwala”? Know the truth

Dolly Chaiwala became a trending topic after Bill Gates, Former CEO of Microsoft came to his tea stall and made a video. The incident was widely shared on social media. Recently, a new topic regarding Microsoft Windows 12 Brand Ambassador sparked the internet. Many people claim that Dolly Chaiwala made the Brand Ambassador of the upcoming Windows 12. But, is it real or fake?

The new incident titled “Microsoft Windows 12 Brand Ambassador Dolly Chaiwala” became a trending topic in India. If you have been active on social media in the last 3 days, so you will also see a picture where the caption was “Dolly Chaiwala made brand ambassador for Windows 12”.

After that, a large number of people shared their mixed reactions on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platform. The rumors have spread on social media after a post shared by thebindutimes on Instagram.

As per the report, the Satire news parody account shared this picture on Instagram on February 29, 2024. “Dolly Chaiwalla made brand ambassador for Windows 12 by Bill Gates after having tea at Dolly ki tapri” wrote in the post’s caption with Bill Gates and Dolly Chaiwala’s image. Till now, 36,829 people have liked the post and counting.

Microsoft Windows 12 Brand Ambassador
Image: Screenshot from Instagram

After a few days, the post is widely shared on social media including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. As a result, again Dolly Chaiwala became a trending topic in the country. Even, this query is shown as a trending topic on Google search where a large number of people want to know whether the news is real or fake.

“Ambassador banaya to Windows use karna chor dunga mai,” a user commented on the post. Another one wrote, “Please tell me it’s a joke,”.

Note that, there is no official announcement from Microsoft in this regard. In addition, there is no expected date of releasing the Windows 12. So, the news you find on Instagram or Twitter posted by Bindu Times is definitely just for fun.

Earlier, Microsoft launched the Windows 11 in the live event organized on June 21, 2021. Till now, there has been no confirmation from the company regarding Windows 12.

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