‘Moye Moye’ Memes Trending in Bangladesh, India, Know its meaning and details

Moye Moye

If you have been active on social media, especially on Facebook in the last two days, you must heard about “Moye Moye”. Besides this, a lot of content including short videos, and memes, related to these words has been trending on social media for the last 3 days. Later, the incident became a viral topic across the internet.

Most of us don’t have any idea what Moye Moye means. If you are also one of them, note that the mentioned words available in the Serbian song. But, what it means, why it is becoming viral, the latest news, and more information can be found here. So, keep reading this article to know detailed information.

As per the report, the Serbian song titled “TEYA DORA – DŽANUM (JUZNI VETAR: NA GRANICI – OFFICIAL SOUNDTRACK)” was uploaded on YouTube on March 22, 2023. The song was voiced by Teya Dora which is publically shared by Južni vetar YouTube Channel. Till now, the song has been viewed 47 million times and still counting.

Interestingly, the song became the most trending topic on the video-sharing platform YouTube after the Memes and video Clips shared on Facebook and TikTok. Although people don’t know Moye Moye meaning, music lovers in various countries including Bangladesh and India are singing this song.

A lot of memes have been shared on Facebook in the last 4 days. It will be difficult to find some who haven’t heard the words or seen memes on the platform. Memes like “Ghumate Parina Sara Raat Dhore, Buker Vitor Ta Moye Moye Kore”, “Chowdhury Saheb Ami Gorib Hote pare, Kintu Moye Moye” and more viral on Facebook.

Moye Moye Memes
Memes Collected

In addition, people who are playing Free Fire or Pubg Game, are saying “Moye Moye” during playing the game. If you do not help me to revive, then I will “Moye Moy”, said a Gaming Video Creator. But, almost all of them don’t even know what is the meaning of these words.

The words “Moye Moye” are actually pronounced “Moye More” in the video. The words are repeated too many times in the Song which catches the attention of millions of audiences. While, many people are making Moye Moye memes, and funny videos and sharing them on Facebook and TikTok.

Meanwhile, a lot of TikTok videos have been uploaded on various YouTube channels in the last 48 hours. Even, if anyone searches the song name, the original song will be found at the bottom, not on top.

Till now, the song has been viewed 47 million times on the official YouTube Channel named Južni vetar. In fact, if you refresh the page, the view counts will change every time. Teya Dora’s song still getting a lot of responses after 6 months of its initial release.

The Serbian singer Teya Dora getting huge fans and followers from across the world. The thing only happened because of TikTok videos and Facebook memes. She has posted her expression regarding the huge response to her song. “Thank you so much guys for appreciating my music. I am really very happy to see that, Serbian music spreading all over the world. I am getting love from music lovers across the globe.”

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