National Pencil Day 2024: Know Date, History, and How to Celebrate

National Pencil Day 2024

National Pencil Day 2024: Pencil is the most important part of our daily life. Every year, the Educational event “National Pencil Day” is celebrated on March 30. So, this year the special day going to be celebrated tomorrow, Saturday. Have you ever thought about it?

As we all know, Pencil is the most important part for Students, Teachers, Architect, and more. Artists can’t even think of drawing anything without this instrument. We should know about its discovery, how to celebrate the day, and more.

National Pencil Day 2024: History of the day

Did you know that only one pencil can write at least 45,000 words? This is the only thing that allows creative people to express their emotions and show their creativity. We have been using the Pencil for ages, and nowadays we can see many changes in terms of design.

There are a large number of people who don’t have an idea about National Pencil Day and its history as well. As per the researchers, the first evolution of the Pencil dates back to the 16th century when graphite was discovered in the world. It was found in Keswick, England in the crystallized form of carbon. People started using graphite to write from this time. However, it was not until the 1790s that the mass production of pencils was made possible.

In 1794, German engineer Nicolas-Jacques Conté invented ‘Crayons Conté’, which was a low-quality graphite mixed with clay, shaped into rods, and baked.

This was the method that allowed the pencil makers in France to stop relying on the British for pencils. Later, Germany became the highest amount of pencils producer across the globe. As a result, it became the easiest way to write anything or draw pictures.

Significance of the Day

Nowadays, the pencil is the most important thing that is widely used all over the world, we can’t even think of drawing anything. It is considered an important part of our daily lives as a student, teachers, and artists. We all use this instrument to write and express our creativity in drawing and solving bran taster puzzles.

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