New Record in Gold Price, Check today’s price in Bangladesh

New Record in Gold Price in Bangladesh

After creating a new record of the highest price in the worldwide market, the price of gold going to decrease. The price of Gold has fallen in the global market from the last week. The price has fallen by about $23 per ounce reportedly. But, what is Gold Price Today in Bangladesh Market?

Despite such ups and downs in the price in the global market, but there has been no change in the gold price in the Bangladesh market from the last week. The Bangladesh Jewellers Association (BAJUS) has set a new price in the country after seeing the trend of increasing prices in the global market.

The Gold Price in the Bangladesh market has broken all previous records and set a new record for the highest price. Currently, the price of the per vori gold is 1,12,908 Taka. The new rate has been fixed by increasing to 2,217 Taka.

The Bangladesh Jewellers Association (BAJUS) set the new price on March 7, 2024. As per the announcement, the One Vori Gold Price has been set to 1,12,908 Taka increasing by 2,217 Taka for the best quality, 22 Carat Gold. 21 Carat Gold price increased to 2,099 Taka, so the current price is 1,07,755 Taka.

  • 22 Carat One Vori: 1,12,908 Taka
  • 21 Carat One Vori: 1,07,755 Taka
  • 18 Carat One Vori: 92,379 Taka

Meanwhile, the One Vori 18 Carat gold price increased by 1,808 taka and the current price stands at 92,379 Taka. This is the new record in the Bangladesh Market. Currently, the gold is being sold at the mentioned price in the country market.

The price is decreased to 23 dollars in one ounce in the Global Market. It is assumed that the Gold Price in the Bangladesh Market will decrease in the coming week.

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