Old Age Allowance OTP Scam: Scammer trying to access Nagad Account

Old Age Allowance Nagad OTP Scam

The number of smart scammers increasing in Bangladesh day by day. They are trying to access the Nagad Account via OTP to fraud innocent people who are getting Old Age Allowance.

Bangladesh Government will increase the monthly allowances for Old Age and Widow’s Allowance this year. The Old Age allowance will increased by Tk 100, widow allowance by Tk 50.

As per the report, a total of 57 lakh and 1 thousand men and women are getting old age allowance. The finance department sources said that the number of beneficiaries will be increased by 1 lakh in the next budget.

How the Old Age Allowance OTP Scam Works?

Meanwhile, the number of smart scammers increasing day by day. They are starting to fraud innocent people who are uneducated or don’t have enough knowledge about the scamming. People who already got the fake call and some who lost the money, we discussed with them.

According to them, a phone call has come to a person who is getting an old age allowance from Bangladesh. The phone number looks very official, mostly starting with +88096. The call has come from a girl who is asking about the name of the person receiving the old age allowance.

Girl Asking for Nagad Account OTP

The scammer girl starts talking about the current status of the allowance account. “I am from the Department of Social Services (DSS), calling you to say that your account is inactive. As a result, you will not receive the next allowances if you do not fix the issue. A large number of people are facing this problem. I am from the DSS, and call you to reactive the account.”

To reactivate the account, we will give you a new account number from a new book. You will just need to note it for further use. Otherwise, the account will remain inactive. If you want to get the old age allowance without any issue, you must need to reactivate the account, said the girl.

In this situation, innocent people get worried once hear about the account status. They agree to share the account details with the girl.

“We will send you an account number from our Department of Social Services (DSS) office to your phone number. You will just need to tell the number which can be found on the message. After that, we will fix the issue from our office. Then, you will get the allowance after two or three days”.

Nagad OTP Scam on Boyosko Vata
Nagad App OTP Page

Common Password used in the Nagad Account

One question is coming to your mind, how did the scammer get the password of the Nagad Account? Well, Nagad is the only way to get the allowance on the Phone. There are huge applications for Old Age Allowance submitted usually. If someone is eligible to get the allowance, they are asked to bring a phone to the Union Parishad. As the allowance is applicable to old age person, aged more than 65 years, use an easy password during the account creation.

Most of the time, the person who creates the Nagad Account for the applicants, uses 1122, 2211, 0011, 0000, 1111, 2222, and some kind of easy password to create many accounts within a short time. But, they ask them to change the password if needed.

But, a large number of people are not even aware of their passwords. The scammers are waiting for the right time to apply their plan. They call the innocent old people who don’t have enough knowledge and ask them to provide the OTP to get access to their accounts mentioning any reason.

OTP is required to access the account

The scammers are asking for the number, that is OTP (One Time Password) of the Nagad account. The OTP is only sent when anyone trying to log in to the account from an Android or iPhone. Generally, if the registered SIM Card is inserted into the Android Phone, and want to log in to the account using the App, it will send an OTP. The OTP will automatically fill in to get access to the account.

However, the iPhone is not required to insert the SIM to log in on the Nagad App. It will just require the OTP which can be written manually. This feature was removed from Android Phone in order to prevent fraud.

What will happen if the OTP is Provided?

Once they provide the number to the girl, they will lose access to the Nagad account. The girl will be able to access the account from the phone and take the money.

If the scammer got the OTP from the targeted person, they can access the Nagad Account on their Phone. After that, they can do whatever they want including send money, cast out, password change, or more.

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