Once again Shakib Al Hasan lost his temper, assaulted a fan

Shakib Al Hasan slapped a fan during DPL 2024 Match

All-rounder Shakib Al Hasan once again created a controversy. He lost his temper and slapped a fan who wanted to take a selfie with him. Fans all over the country shared their mixed reaction to this incident.

As per the report, the incident took place today (May 6) during the ongoing DPL (Dhaka Premier League) Match. Suddenly a fan entered the ground before the start of the match between Prime Bank and Sheikh Jamal at Khan Saheb Osman Ali Stadium in Fatullah. Once the fan tried to take a selfie with Shakib, the cricket instantly lost his temper and bit him.

The video circulated on social media shows that a fan just wanted to take a selfie before the match. Shakib requested the fan not to take a selfie, but he did not listen. Later, Shakib grabbed the fan’s neck and tried to hit him a little. Later, the video was widely shared on social media where thousands of people expressed their mixed reactions.

This is not the first time that Shakib Al Hasan has assaulted his fans. Earlier, he did the same thing with many people.

“Surely, Shakib is one of the best players in the Bangladesh Cricket team. But, sometimes he lost his temper for many reasons. He did very wrong with his fans today and earlier. He should take care of it,” a fan wrote on Facebook.

Most recently, Bangladeshi actor Zayed Khan experienced the same issue. When he tried to take a selfie with Shakib, he suddenly threw the phone into the swimming pool. However, it was a promotional campaign of Nagad, the most popular Mobile Financial Company in the country.

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