Soybean Oil Price Reduced by 12 Taka Per Litre

Soybean Oil Price Reduced by 12 Taka Per Litre

After almost 2 months, Soybean Oil Price has been reduced in Bangladesh. As per the report, the price has been reduced by 12 Taka per liter. It is said that the new price will be effective from Thursday, July 12, 2023.

The information has been declared through a press release published by Bangladesh Vegetable Oil Refiners and Vanaspati Manufacturers Association.

According to the press release, per liter loose soybean oil price will be 159 Taka from Thursday. On the other hand, The price of 5 Liter Jar has been reduced by 43 Taka and now can be available for 873 Taka.

In addition, loose palm oil prices have also been dropped by 5 Taka per liter and the 1-liter bottled palm oil price has been set to 148 Taka by reducing 12 Taka.

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