SSC Fail students can get admission to the Xi Class

SSC fail students can get admission in College

SSC Fail students can get admission to Xi Class. Yes, you heard right! Students who failed in one or two subjects in the SSC and Equivalent Exam will be eligible for college admission under the Higher Secondary Education Board.

As per the report, the admission rules will be applied in the new curriculum. It is said that students who fail in one or two subjects in the SSC exams will still be allowed to be admitted to Class 11. However, they will need to pass these subjects through the Board Exam within the next two years.

On Tuesday (May 28), the report was approved by the Curriculum Development and Revision Core Committee. It will be finalized at a meeting of the National Curriculum Coordination Committee (NCCC) through NCTB.

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Professor Md. Moshiuzzaman, an NCTB (Curriculum) member, told the media, “We have proposed this rule. If a student fails in one or two subjects in the SSC or Equivalent Exam, there is no benefit in holding them back in the same class. So we have suggested that if students reach a certain level in their results, they can be admitted to the next grade.”

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