SSC Result 2024 to be published on May 11

SSC Result 2024 Published Date has announced by Inter-Education Board

The SSC Result 2024 of the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Equivalent Exam will be published between 9-11 May. Professor Tapan Kumar Sarkar, President of the Inter-Education Board Coordination Committee and Chairman of Dhaka Education Board confirmed the information.

“Generally, SSC and Equivalent Exam results are published within 60 days after completing the written exam. This year the results will be published at the same time frame. We are preparing to publish it by May 11. After completing the process, we will send the proposal to the Prime Minister. Then, the Prime Minister will determine the final date,” said the Professor.

Meanwhile, a member (without revealing the name) of the inter-education board coordination committee and chairman of an education board said to the media that, the written exam of the SSC has ended on March 12. As per this, the SSC Result 2024 must be published within May 12.

He also said that the work has started to evaluate the answer sheets. Examiners are given a specific time limit to complete the process. They will send the answer sheets to the Education Board after the evaluation. Then, the Inter-Education Board coordination committee will fix the possible date of the result publication and send the proposal to the Prime Minister. There is a huge possibility that the date will be fixed for May 11.

Note that, the results of SSC and Equivalent Exams are published within or after 60 days of the written exam. Last year it was published on July 28 which was 65 days after the exam. The written exam was completed on May 23, 2023.

This year, the SSC Exam take place on February 15, 2024. Bangla 1st Paper was taken on the first day from 10 AM to 1 PM. This exam ended on March 12 according to the SSC Routine 2024. A total of 20,24,192 students from all over the country have appeared on the SSC and Equivalent Exam.

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