Taslima Nasrin’s Facebook Account Disabled or Not? Here’s Details

Meta suspended Taslima Nasrin's Facebook Profile

The Facebook ID of Bangladeshi most popular writer, Taslima Nasrin not available on the platform. Now, the incident has become a trending topic in the country, fans are quite excited to know that what happened on her account.

The Facebook account of the writer is not available on the platform from Tuesday (April 9). “This content isn’t available right now” message showing when anyone tries to reach her account using the profile link. Generally, the mentioned message shows when the content has been removed from the platform.

Is Taslima Nasrin’s Facebook Account Disabled?

Once the incident was shared on social media, her fans and haters as well are saying that Facebook had disabled the account with over 839K followers. Many YouTubers and Social media influencers are claimed that Facebook has suspended Taslima Nasrin’s Facebook ID. Her fans have shared mixed reactions over the incident. But, this is not true. Meta has not disabled the account. The authority has suspended Taslima Nasrin on April 9, 2024.

As per the report, the writer has 180 days left to submit an appeal to get back the account. Otherwise, the account will be disabled permanently. If she submits the appeal mentioning the proper reason, Meta will back the account.

Why Facebook Suspends Taslima Nasrin’s Facebook Account?

Generally, Meta disables or suspends Facebook accounts or Pages for various reasons. If a user uploads copyrighted video and music or shares sensitive posts on the platform, the content will be removed very shortly. The user will get a pop-up warning message on the account regarding the break of the Facebook copyright rules. In addition, a temporary suspension notice will be placed on the account.

Unfortunately, there are some spammers who can make your profile suspended or disabled even without breaking Facebook community guidelines. They apply the bulk amount of Fake Reports on the victim’s Profile or Page to intentionally harms people. Once Facebook receives too many reports in a short time, the automatic system takes action on the user.

There is a possibility that spammers have submitted vast amounts of Fake Reports against Taslima Nasrin’s Facebook account. As a result, Meta has suspended the account in response to the complaints. If this is happened to her account, it will be back within a few days or weeks.

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