Xiaomi Electric Car will run 900 Kilometers on one charge

Xiaomi Electric Car will run 900 Kilometers on one charge

The Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi has launched their first ever Electric Car and started taking orders. The Xiaomi Electric Car have the capability to run 900 Kilometers on one charge.

The company has organized an event on Thursday (March 28) to launch its first Electric Vehicle. Lei Jun, CEO of the gadget giant said that the SU7 model would cost 215,900 yuan ($29,872 or £23,663). On the other hand, the Max version cost will be around 299,900 yuan.


As per the report, the company has started the pre-orders for the launching event. Xiaomi has sold a total of 50,000 Electric Cars within 27 minutes of the pre-orders sales.

The CEO stated that the specialty of the electric vehicle made by Xiaomi is that they use the e-motor Hyperengine VS. For this reason, the cars can run from 700 to 900 kilometers on a single charge depending on the version. In addition, there is an amazing feature that, the car can accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers within just 2.78 seconds.

“The price of the “Standard SU7″ version of the Xiaomi Electric car has been set estimated at 2,15,900 yuan ($29,872 or £23,663). As a result, the car will be available for 30,000 yuan less than the Tesla’s ‘Model 3,” said the Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun.

In addition, the price of the SU7 Pro Version is fixed at 2,45,900 yuan and the SU7 Max price is 2,99,900 yuan.

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