Boycott Walton now trending after Rupantor Natok released on YouTube

Boycott Walton

Amid the Indian Products Boycott trends, a new hashtag “Boycott Walton” now trending in Bangladesh. Netizens posted the hashtag on social media, especially on Facebook after Rupantor Natok released on YouTube. Now, the platform shows “Trending” on the search page.

As per the report, the Walton Boycott trends has started today (April 16) on the social media platform. Bangladeshi now continuously posting the hashtag on Facebook. Till now, more than 5 thousand people have posted and still counting.

Why Bangladeshi Starts Boycott Walton Trends?

As we all know Walton is one of the latest Electrical & Electronics industries in Bangladesh. But, why do Bangladeshi want to Boycott Walton, what is the reason behind this matter?

If you active on Facebook last two days, you may seen some Facebook users posting in the name of Walton Boycott in their posts. The trends started on Tuesday (April 16) and thousands of people are talking about this.

As per the report, a Drama (Bangla Natok) in Bengali Language titled “Rupantor” has been released on YouTube for this Eid Ul Fitr. The most popular actor Farhan Ahmed Jovan has played the lead role in this Natok. Directed by Rafat Mozumder Rinku, Rupantor Produced by Taman Islam features Samira Khan Mahi, Sabery Alam, Somapti Masuk, and Sarjel Mim in the lead cast.

Rupantor Natok Jovan

The Natok has officially been released on Ekanno Media’s YouTube channel. However, the authority has removed (Provabaly set to Private) the Natok once the controversy started on Social Media.

Earlier, Boycott Bkash trends were started in the country on January 22, 2024, regarding almost the same matter.

“Why Walton Promoting Transgender? They probably have too much money, that’s why they sponsored the “Rupantor” Natok,” a user has posted on Facebook.

Another user wrote “I used to like Walton Refrigerator as a domestic brand, also suggested it to people. Now Walton is sponsoring transgenders, spending money to establish transgenders on this country’s soil. So I personally spoke against Walton from today”.

Walton’s statement about advertising on Rupantor Natok

Once the controversy spread on social media along with Boycott Walton Trends, the company officially announced its statement. Walton has officially described the reason for advertising Rupantor Natok starring Jovan, Samira Khan Mahi, Sabery Alam, and Somapti Masuk.

“Walton Smart Fridge advertisement was recently aired in a transgender-themed Bangla Natok titled ‘Rupantor’. Many of Walton’s customers and well-wishers were hurt after this incident. But, Walton was not actually involved in the production of the Natok,” said the company.

Meanwhile, the Natok has been removed from Ekanno Media’s YouTube channel. As a result, the content is not available on the channel. However, the director Rafat Mozumder Rinku and the Producer Taman Islam did not announce anything about why they removed the Natok.

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