Facebook Lite App Back after 30 Minutes of Down

Facebook Lite App Back after 30 Minutes

Meta’s most popular app, Facebook Lite was down today for 30 minutes. A large number of users experienced a blank page, loading images, and more issues. The app was back and working properly again after almost 30 minutes.

As per the report, the Facebook Lite app started working properly after 6:36 PM. Many users claimed that they experienced the FB Lite Down issue today (April 17) at around 6:07 PM (Bangladesh Time).

“Today, I got a blank page once I opened the Facebook Lite App on my Android. I thought this could be a network issue as I use Wi-Fi. Later, I switched to Mobile Data, but the issue was not fixed. I think Facebook Lite is down. However, the Facebook App is working properly,” a user posted on Facebook.

Another user wrote, “Why I am getting only the Profile Picture on Facebook Lite? Why there are no posts or videos on my wall? But, there is no issue on the main app. Is anyone experiencing the same?”.

Note that, Facebook was down for 50 minutes on March 5, 2024. On that day, million of Facebook users experienced the automatic log-out message on the app. After that, another issue occurred after 15 days of the recent incident on March 20, 2024.

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