Govt Fixes Per Piece Eggs Price at 12 Taka

Govt Fixes Per Piece Eggs Price at 12 Taka in Bangladeshi Market September 14 Update

The govt has fixed the price per piece of eggs at 12 Taka today (Thursday, September 14). The price is fixed at the retail level. The Government has taken strong action against egg price hiking in Bangladesh.

The minister said that the Government has taken the decision to allow the import of eggs if the price does not down in the local market.

It is also said that the officials of the commerce ministry will monitor the local market for one or two days to check whether the egg prices have come down or not. If the price is down in the local market, the government will reconsider the matter of imports.

The bottled soybean oil price was reduced to 169 Taka per litre where it was 174 Taka. In addition, the potato price was fixed between 35-36 Taka per kg and the onion price was set at 64-65 Taka per kg.

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