Meta AI Image Generator Rolling out on WhatsApp, Here’s how you can use it

Meta AI Image Generator Rolling out in WhatsApp

Meta is rolling out the Llama 3 and Meta AI Image Generator in WhatsApp. The beta feature called real-time Image Generation is now available in the USA. The most important part is, that the image will change automatically while typing your prompt. It will show you how the image is changing in real time based on your command.

The complete image will appear on the chat once you stop writing and press the enter key. In addition, video can be generated using the same prompt if you just add “Made a video” under the generated images.

Meta has announced the Image Generator along with an example text prompt. When a user writes the text prompts, “Imagine a soccer game on Mars.” The image changes instantly every time when words are typed one by one. It shows the usual soccer player when typing “Image a soccer”, when Game, it shows some players on the ground. After that, the final output appears once the prompt is completed with “Game on Mars”.

Tech Experts who already used ChatGPT Image Generator, Google Bard, Bing Image Creator, and more, assumed that the Meta Image Generator going to make a new record in the Artificial Intelligence Industry. Till now, there are no AI applications that can do the same as Meta.

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According to the announcement, the Meta Llama 3 model is now capable of generating high-quality images in real time. In addition, the AI can create video or animated GIF images after generating the image based on the text prompts.

However, Meta is rolling out this feature in Beta on WhatsApp in the US only. The company going to roll out this Amazing feature all over the world in the coming weeks. Now, you can check whether the beta feature available on your WhatsApp or not. If you have access, so you can now try to make images with your imagination.

Meta AI Image Generator in UK, UAE, India, Pakistan

Note that, Meta will roll out the Image Generator of all Meta’s platforms including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger. Currently, it is available in the US and you will get “Meta AI isn’t available yet in your country” if you are from the UK, UAE, India, Pakistan, or other countries.

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