Shakib Khan’s Rajkumar Movie Hall List Breaks Priyotoma’s Record

Shakib Khan's Rajkumar Movie Hall List Breaks Priyotoma's Record

Shakib Khan’s Eid Ul Fitr targeted movie “Rajkumar” going to release today (April 11) across the country. The movie has broken previous records on the hall list compared to Priyotoma which was released last year.

As per the official announcement, Rajkumar movie going to be released in 125 cinema halls including 7 Cineplex in the country. This is the record of the last three years of his career. The last movie “Priyotoma” was released on Eid 2023 in 105 halls of the country. However, the movie succeeded in breaking several box-office records, thus re-establishing Khan’s stardom.

Directed by Himel Ashraf, the Rajkumar (2024) movie features American actress Courtney Coffey, Tanisa Islam Mahi, Sajjadul Ahamed Riyad, Marie-Catherine Massie and Collin Chiucchini in key roles.

The Rajkumar Movie hall list has been officially announced by Shakib Khan. The actor announces this information through his verified Facebook Page. On the other hand, Shakib Khan Films Facebook page announced the same. You can read the list along with hall name from here.

As the movie breaks the hall list of the previous movies, now it is time to see whether Rajkumar is able to cross the box office records or not.

Note that, Priyotoma was released on Eid 2023 which was the faster gross figure collection of the Bangladeshi Cinema history. The movie became the highest-grossing film of all time with 41.23 crore (US$3.8 million) box office collection.

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